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The Department was started in 2001-02 with main objective of taking the Post Graduate degree in Commerce to the doorsteps of Commerce graduate in the remote taluk place of Chamrajnagar Dist. It aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry through the development of knowledge, skills & Abilities of the students. The department events are planned to actively engage the students with the material presented to them. Their practical skills are enhanced through problem-solving, working collaboratively, communicating effectively and demonstrating the means by which a strategy can be successfully executed. With more focus on quality teaching, both the teachers and the students have involved themselves in various field-oriented seminars and discussions to equip themselves better to face the challenges that lie ahead.

To enhance the practical skills and to bring out the potential and other hidden talents of our students we conduct knowledge series workshops, industry visits, additional certificate course, communication & computer lab classes, peer presentation, tutor and special classes with question bank, placement training, quiz, role play, sports and many other activities. 





Eligibility Criteria


2 years

[4 Semesters]

B.Com/B.B.M / B.B.A of Mysore University or any other University considered as equivalent thereto.



Master of Commerce programme has its own uniqueness in the academic studies. Being the traditional course, it has the great potential to mould competent teachers, matured administrators and business professionals.

It has the inbuilt spirit to bring out the real talents of aspirants through its sensible structured syllabi. The broad objective of the Master of Commerce course is to impart to the Students, professional education and training in various aspects of business and its environment and provide them with opportunities to develop managerial and analytical skills in order to meet the challenges of business at the national and global level.

We are developing the students in our college enriching their knowledge to face the challenges of the job market in the area of accounting and finance.



           The Department offers 2 areas of specialization according the syllabus of University of Mysore with the interest of students are –

  • Business Taxation 
  • Human Resource Management


Programme Outcomes Department of Commerce focuses on building conviction with impartiality and modesty, create an enabling environment for innovative thought processes and nurture open- mindedness, equitability and perseverance. 

The M.Com programme aims to: 

  1. Acquaint a student with conventional as well as contemporary areas in the discipline of commerce. 
  2. Enable a student well versed in national as well as international trends. 
  3. Understand the basic concepts of business and its role in society. 
  4. Understand financial and marketing both local international issues and responsibilities of a business organization. 
  5. Gain knowledge on legal and ethical issues in a business organization. 
  6. Identify reason for profit or loss and give solutions for economic viability of a business 
  7. Use current techniques and skills necessary for business and costing. 
  8. Serve as a human resource for industry, consultancy, education, service, research, public administration, insurance and management 
  9. Enable the students for conducting business, accounting and auditing practices, role of regulatory bodies in corporate and financial sectors nature of various financial instruments. 
  10. Provide a systematic and rigorous and exposure to Banking and Finance related disciplines. 
  11. Provide indepth understanding of all core areas specifically Advanced Accounting, International Accounting, Management, Security Market Operations and Business Environment, Research Methodology and Tax planning.



The M.Com course provides an extreme and rigorous base for teaching, research and allied business administration. It serves the needs of academics and prepares students for research and teaching. Teaching pedagogy is adopted to ensure all round learning for the students. Department of Commerce aligns itself with the overall vision of the University of Mysore i.e. to touch the lives of every student by inculcating prudence, efficiency, creativity and compassion to work for the betterment of the marginalized sections of society. M.Com Programme attempts to kindle their sense of —responsibility, honesty, conscience, justice — and above all commitment to human values. 

After the completion of the M.Com Course, a student is able 

  1. For pursuing research in their chosen area. 
  2. For teaching in Schools and Colleges after qualifying requisite tests. 
  3. For working as data analyst. 
  4. To work as investment consultants after a brief internship in suitable organizations absorbed in Banking and Insurance sector as executives 
  5. To inculcate the knowledge of business and the techniques of managing the business with special focus on marketing, Insurance and banking theory law and practices. 
  6. To impart the knowledge basic accounting principles and the latest application oriented corporate accounting methods. 
  7. To develop the decision-making skill through costing methods and practical application of management accounting principles. 
  8. To enhance the horizon of knowledge in various field of commerce through advertising and sales promotion, auditing and entrepreneurial development. 
  9. To enhance the computer literacy and its applicability in business through latest version on tally and e-commerce principles. 
  10. To create awareness in application oriented research through research for business decisions. 
  11. Develop knowledge on organizational dynamics. 
  12. Develop the skills in application of research methods. 
  13. Understand ethical issues and good governance practices. 
  14. Develop the skills of analysis and capability of making business decisions. 
  15. Discuss the various provisions relating to business law, indirect taxes and income tax. 


To develop post graduate centre as a hub of research activities and extension services useful to the villagers


  • To accentuate quality education with a strong foundation of business and commerce concepts for students to excel and enhance analytical skills essential in the field of research in commerce.
  • To establish an industry-academia interface for generating futuristic opportunities for the students in diverse areas of finance, commerce, and banking.
  • To create academic excellence to nurture accounting skills, research skills, team spirit, leadership qualities, ace professionals to meet the challenges of the business world.
  • To accelerate the advanced learning process using ICT facilities.



We convey the best quality of Education and Training to students for shaping their careers for a sustainable corporate world. The Department aims to provide academically efficient and professionally relevant teaching in the areas of Taxation and HRM. Along with Academic Knowledge, the department also trains potential candidates to face the challenges in life and their career by providing many value-added Programs to enhance their expertise. 

Our goal is to impart value-based education along with the development of positive attitude, better communication skills and abilities through training programs. It offers a range of innovatively designed programs whose curricula are constantly updated to meet the changing requirement of the industry and to meet the needs of major stakeholders.

We believe that our students have been well accepted in their job profiles and have consistently exceeded expectations of the corporate world. With all these inputs one finds our students hardworking, practical-oriented and effective in any work environment. 

With this brief introduction, I welcome you to be a part of our journey towards being a centre of excellence in education, training, and research.

Sl.No Name Qualification Designation Experience (Years)  Other Information
Award / Achievement etc.
Saraswathi S
M.com , NET

HoD &

Assistant Professor

10 View Profile
Sri. Basavadatta Mahadevaprasad C.S
M.com , KSET Assistant Professor 06 View Profile


  1. In the year 2015 – 16, department arranged an extension programme on the occasion of Birth Centenary of His Holiness Jagadguru Dr. Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji and University of Mysore  Centenary Celebrations. The Department selected four villages to conduct a study on “Micro Insurance Awareness and Enrollment Programme” as a part of extension activity.

Out of 8 students, 6 students have received the award “Certificate of Excellence”.

  1. Kavya  – Final Year M.com
  2. Manu M – Final Year M.com
  3. Chaithra – Final Year M.com
  4. Suma H S – Final Year M.com
  5. Nandish H R – Final Year M.com
  6. Sakku S – Final Year M.com


  1. Vishnu Priya [ Batch – 2016 – 17] has cleared KSET Exam in  2021



1] Dr. M.Prabhu  was awarded Ph.D in the year 2013

2] Sri. Basavadatta  Mahadevaprasad C S  has cleared K-SET in the year 2019

   3] In the year 2015 – 16, department arranged an extension programme on the occasion of Birth Centenary of His Holiness Jagadguru Dr. Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji and University of Mysore Centenary Celebrations. The Department selected four villages to conduct a study on “Micro Insurance Awareness and Enrollment Programme” as a part of extension activity.

Dr M Prabhu, Head & Co-ordinator of extension programme has received the award     “Certificate of Excellence”.

    4] S Saraswathi , Assistant Professor,  was awarded as “THE BEST PRESENTER” for participation & presentation of paper in the State Level Virtual Paper Presentation held on 13/7/2020 organised by the Department of Commerce & Management in association with IQAC, MIT First Grade College, Mysore.


Prof. Saraswathi S
HoD & Assistant Professor
Post-Graduate Centre for Studies in Commerce,
JSS College for Women,
Vidyanagar, Kollegal – 571440,
Karnataka, India

Mobile : +91 7829840132
E-Mail : Saraswathi.skgl@gmail.com

Department E-Mail: pgdept.commerce2001@gmail.com