Affiliated to the University of Mysore & Re-Accredited by NACC with ‘B’ Grade

Kollegal, Chamarajnagar – 571440.



The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Central Sector Scheme of  .Ministry of Youth Affairs,& Sports, Government of India. The soul aim of the NSS is to provide hands on experience to young students in delivering community service.

National Service Scheme is a community service programmesponsored by the Government of India, financed by the Centreand the State and implemented by the Colleges through theUniversities.

Aims and Objectives:

The motto of NSS is “NOT ME BUT YOU” which reflects the Idea of democratic living and upholds the need for self-less service. It makes students responsible citizen and develops their overall personality. Through various activities it creates a sense of   social responsibility in them. It provides opportunities to students for group living, collective experience sharing and constant interaction with the community. On the whole NSS volunteers are made to strive for the wellbeing of the society.

Since its inception the NSS unit of our College through its community oriented activities is striving to uphold its motto “NOT ME BUT YOU”.  Weekend activities, national festivals, birth and death anniversary of freedom fighters, vanamahotsava, to sensitize on environment. health awareness programmes, blood donation camp, public awareness jaatha, cleanliness campaigns etc under this scheme are conducted proactively and led to understand the need and problems of the community and involved in problem solving.