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  • Department Of Geography

    The department of Geography was started in the year 1997-98. The subject was offered as of the optional for BA course. Syllabus is thoroughly restructured to suit the present changing needs of the society. Physical Geography, World Regional Geography, Indian Geography, Human Geography, Environmental Studies, are included in the curriculum, choice papers have been introduced for V & VI semester students, Namely Karnataka Geography and World Economic Geography. See more.

    In practical geography -Application of statistical methods in geography, Map Projections, Interpretation of Indian daily weather report, Interpretation of Indian topographical maps, Element of surveying and GIS. The department has well equipped laboratory, teaching aids, maps, Demonstration sets & suitable equipments are available to impart proper training to the students..

    Courses handled by the department

    1) II Sem B.A – GEOGRAOHY (Kannada medium)
    2) I Sem & EVS (Both kannada and English medium

    Infrastructure of the department

    Teaching Aids
    »    Maps
    »    Globs
    »    Over head projector
    »    GPS (Geographical positioning system)
    »    Astronomical Telescope
    »    Binocular
    »    Relief models
    »    Black Board Instrument Boxes
    »    Atlases
    »    Video CDs

    Meteorological Instrument

    »    Thermometers
    »    Barometers
    »    Mariners Compass
    »    Wind vane
    »    Cup anemometer
    »    Rain gauge

    Surveying Instruments with accessories

    »    Plane table sets
    »    Prismatic compass sets
    »    Chain survey sets


    • Almeria
    • Maps stands
    • Rock and soils samples

    Geographical Apparatuses

    »    Phases of the moon
    »    Solar system model
    »    The solar system model
    »    Apparent path of the sun
    »    Standard time indicator
    »    Apparent path of the sun
    »    Seasons App. set of 4 globes

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    Department staff

    dImaged Name Designation Qualification Teaching Experience Specializations
    prof  Smitha A S M.Sc, Lecturer 07 years Tourism Geography, Environmental Geography
    prof  Manjunatha B M.Sc,B.ed., Lecturer 07 years Tourism Geography, Medical Geography, DisasterManagement.