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The department of English actively play an important role in the acquisition of the language skills among the under graduate students by creating the congenial learning environment to enable the learners to grasp the language skills. Thus there is an attempt from the department to motivate, create and sustain the interest among the learners by one way or the other. The students are involved in various literary activities and other co curricular activities of the college with the intervention of the teachers to provide the timely help in honing the language skills amongst the students. Thus we understand that this college is primarily established with the motive of providing the quality education to the girl students of Kollegal town and the surrounding rural areas. True to its vision 70% of the students are from the rural background.   Most of these students do not have sufficient exposure to this language either at home or outside Consequently they are hesitant to use English Language. Therefore we felt it our duty to  supplement  the missing links in the case of these students. The management, Principal and the staff are providing the mental, physical and the motivational support all the time in one form or the other constantly.

 Therefore it is high time that some efforts are necessary from our part to boost their level of confidence and thereby try to bridge the already existing gap among the learners of English language and literature and hence this workshop.

English is taught in the first four semesters as a language subject and we follow the syllabus prescribed  by the University of Mysore. We have students enrolled for B. A. , B com and BBM Classes.


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Prof. A P Mahadevappa



Assistant Professor


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